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Mother of All Book Tests Pocket Edition


"The ONLY book test I use."

-Neal Scryer, New York, NY


"After 20 years on the college circuit, my ESP/Hypnosis show is now hypnosis and one ESP effect - The Mother of All Book Tests."

-Ken Weber, Author of 'Maximum Entertainment', past President of the Psychic Entertainers Association



Ted Karmilovich changed the game forever with the Mother of All Book Tests.


Since the first version, the MOAB has been a staple of countless mentalist acts across the globe. Now, the pocket edition is the next weapon in your book test arsenal that brings this work of genius into the realm of walk-around and on-the-go performing!


For years, performers both professional and amateur, have been requesting a pocket-sized version of the Mother for their walk-around and on-the-go performances.


We are happy to announce that this request has been met and exceeded by all expectations!


Mentalists and magicians alike will be excited to learn that the Mother of All Book Tests - PE not only enables the user to perform the classic Mother routines, but with the kind permission of Larry Becker, Flashback as well!


Think about it - TWO classic book tests in ONE portable and fully examinable book!


As a bonus, Ted Karmilovich's reputation-making blister effect is also included. It is by far his most requested presentation in close-up settings!


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Q: What are the dimensions of the book?
  • A: Paperback size: 6.75 inches tall by 4.25 inches wide, by 0.6 inches deep, weighing 8 ounces.
  • Q: Will MOABT 2.0 still be available for purchase?
  • A: Yes! It is still available (see "Related Magic" above) and priced at $395.00
  • Q: I have MOABT 2.0. What are the benefits of owning both of them?
  • A: You now have two different sets of long words. This means you can involve twice as many people, and read twice as many minds!
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