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N2 Coin Set


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The N2 COIN SET is designed by N2G and it is capable of clean and extraordinary effects!

  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Start and finish with empty hands
  • Each side of the coin can be signed by spectator and magician
  • No switches
  • Nothing to be get rid of
  • Instant reset
  • Easy to do
  • No angle restrictions
  • Examinable

No matter if you are a professional, an amateur magician, or even a complete rookie to coin magic, N2 is a fantastic choice. 

The N2 Set is designed and crafted with great care, and it will be your perfect partner in a performance. Besides penetration routines, N2 can be used in almost all kinds of coin effects - penetrations, transpositions, appearances, disappearances, changes and more!


Some examples include:

  • No Palm Coin to Coin Purse
  • 3 Fly Routine. (No shells used)
  • Appearance & Vanish of Two Coins
  • Matrix
  • Coin through Bill or Sealed Bag
  • Color Change

Plus other possible routines with N2
(Please Note that the above effects are not included in the DVD)

N2 has been crafted from real Kennedy half-dollars. These normal looking coins are exquisitely engineered gimmicks that are total examinable before and after the effect. 

A high quality leather coin purse (also gimmicked) is big enough to pack up all of your coin tricks.

Includes: 2 x US Half Dollar 1 gimmicked coin purse  8 stickers Instructional DVD 

NOTE: DVD is PAL format and may not play on most standard DVD players. However, this will play on a computer with an appropriate player.

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