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Alexander Nelson's Intimate Secrets


“Intimate Secrets of Alexander Nelson is packed with Real Insight in the working world of a miracles. The selected pieces contained within this tome glisten with that of Divine energy as that they Are truly Reputation builders for anyone who wishes to embark on the path of Mysticism and real Magick. One of those sacred pieces “Stairway to Heaven” is truly a must, that needs to be in every Real Miracle Worker’s toolbox.” As well as “Entering the Body” a Spectacular sight to experience, and not to forget “The Three Crystals” which is a gift that keeps on giving to those who experience it. This is a wonderful honor to be able to say what I feel of this tremendous work as it is endorsed by the Great Richard Webster. Thank You again Gentlemen for publishing such Marvels.

-Darrell Mac.


This book expounds on the talent and intuition that makes Alexander Nelson a very much “in demand” authority.   This is very likely the last book from Alexander Nelson

Below are just some of the things included in this book.

What You Must Accept And Do To Be A Great Reader:  Speaks for itself…

Feeling Energy: A technique that allows you to build up your psychic energy and give better readings.

Entering The Body:  This a presentation that will amaze them. The psychic presentation gives them so much to think about and they may actually feel as if you entered their body – enabling you to give a very specific reading as a result. Leave them with a very eerie sensation.

Zodiac Reading: The easiest method ever created, so easy a five year old can do it!

Three Crystal Readings: They are always ready to go in your pocket – this one that is very unique and to our knowledge has never been executed.

Special Q & A: Exceptionally powerful yet so easy to do it will give yo a reputation that is fit for king!

The Pendulum Choosing For Readings – to my knowledge, there is on one else that does this in the world!

Imaginative Mind Reading: Where nothing is needed everything is in their imagination as you do the reading – possibly the most incredible reading devised in history.

The Amusement Park Journey:  Which takes the person on a journey via a very personal reading.

Journey to Atlantis: This is a journey where you actually take the person to Atlantis where he gets a reading of a light time.

The Imaginary Pendulum: This is as impromptu as it can get – nothing is needed (except you and your client(s), as it all plays “in their minds!”

Stairway To Heaven: Where two hands reach out from the clouds and give your client the blessing of a lifetime!  As a gift, you can teach the client where he can do it himself anywhere and anytime!

Additional contents: 

The Alexander Sensing Q&A – nothing needed and so strong! Anywhere anytime. 

And also the greatest tips for being a master reader, and techniques if you want to do it for real or for fun (both of which will help build your intuition) and much more.

Solid Material – No Fillers!

Approx 60 pages

 "Alexander Nelson’s Intimate Secrets is a book of just that…Nelson’s pet routines. Some of these were held out of the first book for various reasons, but they are really his very best stuff. Most of these effects do not rely on trickery, but mental psychological methods that engage the participant in a very meaningful way (although a few of the effects do use trickery). Nelson’s work is exceptional and reliable. This is a fine book for the mentalist/reader/psychic entertainer. I believe it is THE best book of its kind."  

Tony Razzano


Alexander Nelson’s Intimate Secrets - Review by Steve Rivkin  

I think this new book is really fine material. What is different and nice is that it takes a more mental psychological approach and not a tricks/mental magic approach. This is often lacking in most of the books being done on mentalism. I think this is a very welcome change. 

The last 1/2 dozen books or so of Richard’s are a great resource on modern mentalism. I like Magick and other publications put out through the years — but these recent writings of Richard – the Scryer books, Carnival of Secrets, Scryer's 13, Band of Readers and now the Alexander Nelson books – this batch of books will give you an up to date look at modern mentalism as done by various highly skilled performers. 

Someone can read these books but they will still need to practice and acquire any performing skills they do not have. Billet work, nail writing, and on and on. Practice, performing skills, personality and charisma are still the most important factors of all, – then good routines and material, and the needed knowledge. Richard’s books have taken care of the good routines, performing material and some of the knowledge. I have always enjoyed Richard’s books but like a fine vintage wine he has really hit his stride with winner after winner of enjoyable books and ideas.

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