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The Cheat DVD

The Cheat DVD
by Richard Turner

Richard Turner's gambling techniques and many more. The effects you perform will seem like miracles to even the most sophisticated card man.
Two Video Volumes on One DVD!

Many of the over 200 techniques demonstrated are shown not only in slow motion, but are also filmed from under a glass table, providing a view never before seen.

In this series, you'll see over a dozen methods for dealing seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths. Find out how a second deal can be used with a stacked deck even after a cut has been made. Close up and in slow motion you will see a dozen bottom and middle deals (filmed from above and below a glass table) and over eighteen ways of shuffling and false cutting a pack of cards -- many of which, have never been seen-- such as a table faro after the cards are cascaded into each other and then stripped out, as well as the Turner one hand shuffle/strip out.Also learn many ways to stack a deck including over hand, riffle and table faro shuffles.

Volume 1 Topics Include:
Eighteen ways of false shuffling and false cutting
Stacking the Deck using overhand shuffles
Riffle Shuffles
Table Faros
Nullifying the Cut
The Hop
The One and Two Hand Shifts

Volume 2 Topics Include:
Second, Center, and Bottom Deals
Playing Extra Cards
Palming Cards
The Double Discard
The Brush
Hole card switches for 5 and 7 Card stud and Blackjack
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