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The False Shuffles and Cuts Project by Big Blind Media


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There is nothing more valuable in the card magician's arsenal than the ability to convince an audience the deck is being shuffled - when it really is not. By retaining a deck's order, while giving the illusion of a shuffled deck, the magician can perform miracles. This one skill can help transform simple self-working card tricks into jaw-dropping slabs of IMPOSSIBILITY!


Although there are thousands of ways to false shuffle and cut the deck, this DVD teaches only the best, most practical techniques YOU WILL USE.


These powerful, deceptive skills are within the technical reach of any card handler (including some that are SO easy, you could do them in your sleep!).


Learning just a few of the techniques is essential, but learning more will enable you to mix and match your skills to create the unquestionable impression the deck is being shuffled.


And, of course, four incredible magic tricks, which utilize these techniques, are also taught! 



Overhand Shuffles
Basic Overhand False Shuffles
Blind Shuffle
Ireland Shuffle
Running Cut Shuffle

Optical Shuffles
Wiggle Woggle Shuffle
Optical Shuffle
Mike O'Dowd's Slop Shuffle 

Stock Shuffles
The Lift Shuffle
The Jog Shuffle
Swing Cut Shuffle
Bottom Stock Shuffle 

Riffle Shuffles
False Riffle Shuffles
The Push Through
The Triumph Shuffle 

General Shuffles
Charlier False Shuffle
Up The Ladder


Swing Cut
Swivel Cut
Charlier Cut 

Bobby Bernard Cut
Jay Ose Cut
Tarbell 3 Way Cut
Royal Road Cut
Erdnase Cut
Frank Thompson Cut
The Cut
Owen Packard's Crane Beak Cut
John Bannon's Flytrap Cut
John Bannon's Crocodile Cut
Gary Ouellet Cut
Lewis Jones Cut
David Acer's The Trinary
Mini Sybil


Paul Curry's THINK OF A CARD
Dai Vernon's TRIUMPH
Erdnase's WEIGH

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