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Easy to Master Thread Miracles #1 DVD

Easy to Master Thread Miracles #1 DVD
Close-Up Animations & Levitations
by Michael Ammar

Michael Ammar - There is more powerful potential in just a few feet of invisible thread than almost anything else in magic. This is magic that becomes the stuff of legends. No matter what type of magic you perform, from the purest sleight of hand to the largest grand illusions, this is the type of magic that creates conversations and reputations.

People vividly remember the moment they saw something levitated and animated just inches away from their eyes. Continuing in the Easy to Master tradition, this new set of videos is organized in a very structured fashion, taking the viewer from simple animations with short lengths of thread that can be easily set up and managed through intermediate effects that are a bit more involved and finally ending up with elaborate effects that are truly mind-bending. Each DVD in this series also contains valuable supporting information on lighting, concealment, and theory that will stimulate your thinking well beyond the featured magic.

Section One - Introducing Elastic Thread

Section Two - Accessing the Threads

Section Three - Magic With Invisible Elastic Tahoe Tessie and the Magic Postcard; The Rising Business Card; Whirling Business Card; Dan Harlan's Financial Attraction; Ammar's Portable, Permanent Wallet Hookup

Section Four - Finn Jon's Elastic Loops Phenomenon Fork; Finn Jon's Bill That Falls Up; The Floating Bill; Electrostatic Straw; Things That Affect Thread Visibility

Section Five - Visible but Hidden Threads Stefan Schuster's Self-Folding Bill with Kicker, featuring Ammar's Self-Contained Wallet Hookup; Acrobatic Matchbox

Section Six - The Traditional Reel Knot Absolutely Instant; Knot Automatically Undone; Clearly Penetrated Mike Stand

Section Seven - James George Interview Comparing Every Available I.T.R.; Care and Management
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