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McBride Magic on Stage: Classics of Magic #3 DVD

McBride Magic on Stage: Classics of Magic #3 DVD
by Jeff MbBride

Jeff McBride, voted Magician of the Year by Hollywood's famed Magic Castle and The Academy of Magical Arts is a master of the art of stage magic. Jeff's extensive knowledge of magical techniques and theatrical stagecraft is unsurpassed. Enter the world of classic stage magic where you will learn the essential elements of professional performance from one of the world's foremost educators in the art of magic. Each of the magical effects on these volumes were selected because of their timeless appeal and strong audience impact. You will also learn valuable lessons in stagecraft and showmanship by studying these classics. Now you can learn the secrets of stage magic by a modern master of the art.

Contents include: Dancing Cane; Techniques on Threading and Balancing; The Basic Dance; Turning; Around the Body; The Kick Start Opener; Floating and Twirling; Routining; Over the Head Finale; The Ideal Routine; Do One Thing Well; The Fountain of Silks Production; Construction and Preparation; Hat Steal and Routine; Fountain of Silks to Giant Blendo; The Top Hat Load; The Black Art Chair Load; The Finale Load;

Listening to Advice; Gloves to Flowers; Color Changing Silks; Simplicity; Zombie Floating Ball; Gimmicks, Balls and Silks; The Quick Start Opening; Floating Techniques; The Cradle; The Arm Balance; Down the Edge; Around the Arm; Around the Back; Around the Neck; The Double Spiral; Zombie Vanish and Reproduction; Image and Success; Beginning and Ending Your Routine; Bare Hand Floating Ball and Manipulation; The Floral Finale for Zombie; Making Magic at Home; The Twentieth Century Silks; Cane to Silk; Dare to be Different.
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