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Greed DVD


Greed DVD
by Daniel Garcia

This DVD consists of the complete multiple bill change routines with FOUR ULTRA-VISUAL PHASES including THE KICKER ENDING that leaves everybody laughing. VINTAGE GARCIA.

You show your spectators a one dollar bill. Fold it in half and it's still a one dollar bill. Give it a wave and with no funny moves and without leaving their sight it visually changes into a five dollar bill. That's phase one, and your spectators already got their money's worth.

Fold it again and it's still a five dollar bill. But give it a wave... And with no funny moves (and again without leaving their sight) the five visually changes into a ten dollar bill! That's phase two. Now they've seen the magic twice... With their own eyes. It would be safe to say they're pretty much addicted to you at this point.

Fold the bill again. It's still a ten dollar bill. Give it a wave and again it visually changes, this time into a twenty dollar bill!

That's phase three. At this point your spectators have had just about all they can handle... Their mouths are watering and they're only moments away from either embracing you as a spiritual leader or grabbing your twenty and running for it!

Before they have time to decide, you say, "want me to make it a fifty?" They can't help themselves... "yes... Yes... God-yes!" You give the folded up twenty dollar bill a shake and it visually morphs into a fifty...a fifty cent piece! You hand them the fifty cent piece and deliver the money line: "don't get greedy..."

Five Outrageous Angle Review Section features:
- Over-the-shoulder cam (OTS)
- Under-the-armpit cam (UTA)
- Dude-on-the-ceiling (DOTC)
- From-the-side (FTS)
- Food-in-your-teeth cam (FIYT)

Warning: This DVD contains some Adult Content and may not be appropriate for all audiences.


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