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Designing Miracles


Designing Miracles 

by Darwin Ortiz

The Most Important Book On Magic Theory Since Strong Magic!

In Designing Miracles, Darwin Ortiz continues the task he began in Strong Magic: to explore and raise the level of craft in magic. This time he presents a groundbreaking study of how laymen think and what it takes to amaze them.

Darwin has earned a reputation for creating some of the strongest card effects in modern magic. In Designing Miracles, he reveals for the first time the principles and techniques that he follows in doing so. These insights will help you choose stronger effects, create stronger effects, and strengthen those effects that you've already performing.

If you've ever been puzzled by an audience's reaction or lack of it, this book will dispel the mystery. It gives you a new set of tools for understanding how magic works, why it sometimes doesn't, and how to make it work better. Never again will you be at a loss as to why an effect isn't playing well. Never again will you be at a loss as to what to do about it.

If your goal is to provide your audiences with an unforgettable experience of impossibility, you'll find Designing Miracles filled with insights to help you do so. It will teach you how to use the audience's own thinking patterns against them. It will show you how to turn puzzles into miracles. It will do something that few magic books can: change with way you think about magic.

Darwin Ortiz is widely recognized as one of the world?s leading sleight-of-hand performers with playing cards. He is also the author of some of the most popular and important books on magic ever published, including the best-selling book, STRONG MAGIC. He also serves as an international consultant to the casino industry on the prevention and detection of cheating. His eleven DVDs and six books, including Darwin Ortiz on Card Cheating and Gambling Scams, are widely used as reference and training tools in casinos throughout the world, and he is called to testify as an expert witness in casino cheating cases. As an entertainer and expert consultant, Darwin has performed on every continent except Antarctica.

Pages 200 - Hardcover


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