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Card Control

5 3/8'' x 8 1/2''

Card Control: Practical Methods and Forty Original Card Experiments
by Arthur H. Buckley

This profusely illustrated book demonstrates, step-by-step, the astonishing card magic cultivated by one of the premier sleight-of-hand artists of the 20th century. It presents maneuvers that have left theater audiences amazed and that card-playing professionals have used to great advantage.

Card Control is not a book for beginners, but it will help those with basic card expertise reach new levels of performance in their art. Among the moves included are shifts, palms, glides, false shuffles, cuts, fans and steals. You'll learn how to do the false table riffle shuffle, how to deal from the bottom, how to know an opponent's hole card, how to "warm up a cold deck" and much more. In addition, the author presents 40 dazzling deceptions guaranteed to amaze your audience: Confusion, Birds of a Feather, The Ambitoous Card, A Brilliant Climax, Your Favorite Ace, A Quickie, The Obtrusive Queens and many more.

Over 300 photographs show the practitioner's exact hand positions during each critical move.

Australian-born Arthur H. Buckley became well known in America for the magic he worked with cards on the major vaudeville ciruits of the 1920s. Schooled by the great sleight-of-hand artists he met in the entertainment business and by professional gamblers he met in his early years touring Australia, his absolute mastery of the most artful and demanding card-handling routines was legendary. In 1946, he wrote this practical guide revealing in detailed the secrets of his art. Any magician or card conjurer who aspires to the utmost proficiency in card manipulation will want to have this indispensable reference in his or her library.

Paperbound, 219 pages, 5 3/8" by 8 1/2", 302 photographs.

Table of Contents for Card Control: Practical Methods and Forty Original Card Experiments
The Strip
A Blind Riffle Shuffle
"The Force That Couldn't Be"
Domico Double Lift
The Exchange
Greek Shift
Greek Shift?Buckley's Method
Hindu Shift
Vernon's Multiple Shift
Multiple Shift?Buckley's Method
Buckley's Slap Shift
Buckley's Single Card Shift
Shifting a Card from the Bottom of the Pack
Improved Dovetail Stock Shuffle to Keep the Top Stock
Improved Dovetail Stock Shuffle to Keep the Bottom Stock
Buckley's Out of This World False Shuffle and Cut
Buckley's Method of Secretly Placing a Bridge
Sighting or Glimpsing the Top Card
Sighting the Top Card ? Second Method
Sighting the Top Card ? Third Method
Sighting the Top Card ? Fourth Method
Improved Peek
Sighting After the Peek
Turnover Sight Location
Stepping After the Peek
Other Locations After the Peek
The Slide
The Invisible Location
Buckley's Reverse
Sighting While Cutting the Pack
The Glide
The Glide ? Second Method
The Glide Location
Buckley's Method of Sighting While Fanning the Cards
Glimpsing the Bottom Card
Buckley's Diagonal Location
The Break Shuffle
Buckley's Method for Dealing Seconds
Domico Location
Cardini's Location
The Count
False Count for More
False Count for Less
The Side Steal Palm
The Side Steal Palm ? Buckley's Method
Original Methods of Palming Cards form the Bottom of the Pack
Palming form the Bottom After the Riffle Shuffle
The Perfect Card Palm
The Replacement
Buckley's Multiple Card Palm
Overhand Shuffle and Multiple Shift
Buckley's Double Peek Location Shuffle and Palm
Buckley's Top Palm Slide Off
Berg's Top Palm
The Allerton Top Palm
One Hand Top Palm ? Judson Cole
Palm Off the Second Top Card While Top Card Is Visibly Drawn Onto the Pack
To Palm Off the Top of the Pack an Exact Number of Cards Up to Ten
To Palm One or Several Cards
The Fan Location
The Fan Location Amplified
A Novel Palm
Changing a Card in the Act of Turning the Card Over
The Throw Change
Buckley's Method of Double Cutting Cards to the Top of the Pack
John Brown Cook's Transfer of a Card
Hindu Shuffle and Cut Location
"The "Pass"
False Shuffle Par Excellence
Another Method of Reversing a Card
Extraordinary Queens
A Different Top Change (mass hypnotism)
An Amazing Location
One Hand Crimp
The Count (Second Method)
The Palm Unsurpassed (Original)
Bottom Palm of a Single Card (Original)
The Top Palm (Improved Method)
The Glide Shift
CHAPTER TWO Conjuring at the Card Table
False Table Riffle Shuffle
False Table Riffle Shuffle and Cut
The Push Through Simplified
"Cut, Riffle Shuffle and Retain the Top Stock"
The Shift and Shuffle
Bottom Stock Blind Riffle
Retaining the Stock
The Switch at Draw Poker
The Cut and Use of the Bridge
Dealing from the Bottom
Restoring the Cut
Second Method ? The Drop
Third Method
Bottom Stock Shift
Restoring the Cut (My Pet Method)
A Cute False Cut
Running Up Two Hands
The Hold Out and Pick Up B
Demonstration Build of Four Aces Using the Buckley Double Cuts
A Cold Deck Warmed Up
The Practical Sharper
Knowing Your Opponent's Hole Card
The Spread
A Strike (Method of Dealing Seconds)
Second Dealing (Black Jack Method)
Dealing Seconds (Double Push-Off One Hand)
An Original Method of Restoring the Cut (Fourth Method)
CHAPTER THREE Manipulations
A Vanish of a Card from the Top of the Pack
The Bent Fingers Back Palm and Recovery
A Back Palm with Open Fingers
Production from the Palm
A Card Vanishes
Push Down Vanish
A Card Vanishes and Reappears at the Very Tips of the First and Second Fingers
The Change Over
The Thumb Palm Move
The Slide Up Vanish
Fan Vanish
A Fan of Cards Disappears
A Very Pretty and Deceptive Piece of Card Manipulation
The Steal
Reverse Palming Without Swinging the Arm and Also Without Using the Thumb
"Back Palm" a Pack of Fifty-Two Cards and Produce Them in a Series of Fans at the Fingertips"
Paul le Paul Reversal
CHAPTER FOUR Experiments with Cards
1 Transposition
2 Confusion
3 Do You See Red?
4 Matching Pairs
5 The Lost Aces
6 The Convexed Aces
7 Charlier Location and Speller Effect
8 Card Through the Case
9 Unexpected Ending
10 Birds of a Feather
11 Simplicity
12 Next to Yours
13 Four Chances ? A Novel Card Location
14 Naming the Top Card
15 A Gambler's Aid
16 A Card Gets Out of Hand
17 Difficult Routine
18 Lost and Found
19 Mysterious Marker
20 Black Jacks
21 The Ladies and the Deuces
22 Another Transposition
23 The Ambitious Card
24 The Mix-Up
25 Wishful Thinking
26 Color Memory
27 Think of a Number
28 A Brilliant Climax
29 An Ace Introduction
30 The Aces and the Chosen Card
31 Quintu
32 The Slop Over Card Location
33 Card and Pocket Mystery
34 Your Favorite Ace
35 The Double Surprise
36 Chivalrous Kings and the Four Ladies
37 A Quickie
38 Four Aces Par Excellence
39 The Obtrusive Queens
40 The Illusive Transfer

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