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Sessions With Simon #3 DVD

Sessions With Simon #3 DVD
by Simon Aronson

The Impossible Magic Of Simon Aronson: Memorized Deck

Simon Aronson is known throughout the world for his pioneering work and writings on memorized deck magic. For over 30 years, Simon?s innovative use of this esoteric tool has inspired some of the world?s top professionals to recognize its deceptive power. Juan Tamariz says, "I regard my admired friend Simon Aronson as the one magician who has contributed the most to memorized-deck work since the time of Nikola. All of his tricks are models of analysis, creativity and subtlety."

Now, Simon presents the most in-depth demonstration and exploration ever of this powerful utility. Whether you?re a total novice or an experienced practitioner, Simon has incredible lessons, insights, tips and tools to offer. Simon first presents a complete routine of memorized deck effects to show how they can flow together, with unique deck switches that allow the memorized stack to be rung in at any time. But that?s only the beginning! In his clear, detailed and humorous way, Simon explains the separate principles of memorized deck magic utilized in his routines.

Starting off with the basics, there?s a separate primer for those who have never been exposed to this exciting, arcane tool. It covers all you need to know, from how to memorize, which stack to learn, and how to practice. Although Simon?s ?Stack to Remember? (the Aronson Stack) is perhaps the most widely memorized stack in the world, Simon doesn?t try to push it on you ? because this video is for all practitioners, regardless of what stack you might use. (Only two of the effects demonstrated depend on the Aronson Stack, and they both illustrate principles applicable to any stack).

Simon then thoroughly explains and explores a host of basic tools for the memorized deck, including contextual deck switches, the open index, stack preservation, restoration, retained groupings, use of mathematics, restacking a dealt stack, the S.A. Combination and so much more! You?ll want to watch this again and again, there?s so much information ? and so many blockbuster memorized deck effects, including:

* Shuffle Tracking (unpublished)
* Two Beginnings
* Christ-Aronson Aces (unpublished
* Routine Maintenance
* Everybody?s Lazy
* Bait and Switch
* The Invisible Card
* Four Stop Intersection

It's like a complete course in the memorized deck, taught by an acknowledged master!

Running Time Approximately 2hr 11min

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