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Cobra Collection DVD

Cobra Collection DVD
by De'vo

Learn the COBRA CUT, the TRIAD COBRA, the QUAD COBRA, the KING COBRA, and much more...

...all from the original creator!

De'vo's Unique Teaching Style:

* ALL VISUAL step-by-step instructions.
* All parts of these moves are shown in EXPLICIT DETAIL.
* The best viewing angles for learning.
* SLOW-MOTION and special highlights.
* PRO TIPS give you special techniques and tips used by De'vo for your performance.
* Cutting edge VISUAL EFFECTS to enhance your learning experience.
* All ORIGINAL MUSIC by De'vo... more heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, all original acclaimed music.

Xtreme Card Manipulation Presentation Inside!

Use it for your own performances and XCM shows!

DVD Contents:

The main focus on this DVD is to give you all the tips and advice you need to properly execute the infamous 4 main Cobra Cuts! These 4 are taught in explicit detail.
Basic Cobra - Standard 3 packet Cobra cut.
Triad Cobra - A 4 packet Cobra with a triad under the top packet.
Quad Cobra - A 4 packet Cobra with another packet parallel to the top packet.
King Cobra - The 5 packet ultimate Cobra! A combination of the Triad and Quad Cobra. (See picture)

In addition to the main 4 Cobras, many tips and variations/ideas are included to include:
2 false Cobras
Small hands method for the Basic Cobra
Alternate method for the Basic Cobra
Trait catches from basic to King, and multiple flipping packets/catches
Spinning RC with Triad catch
Crossed Cobras
Cobra recoveries (2)
Super training tip
Super performance tip
Multiple Pro tips through the DVD

Running Time Approximately 1hr 21min

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