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D'Lite DVD

D'Lite DVD

The D'Lite has been one of the hottest selling products ever in magic, and this DVD is a perfect companion.

?Great DVD! Anyone who is interested in learning and performing with D'Lites? should invest in the well done DVD. The DVD offers first-rate instructions, suggests creative performance options, and most important, shows novices how to properly handle the D'Lite? for maximum effect. In fact, the DVD should be required viewing for all new D'Lite? users who don?t have the luxury of an experienced magician to show them how to use the gimmick?.

?The DVD starts with the basics: holding the D'Lite, hand position, basic vanishing techniques and various productions. The lessons are clear and easy to follow, and the DVD even provides some helpful slow motion sequences with on-screen instructions.

Beyond the basics, the DVD offers equally thorough instruction that shows how to pass the light from hand to hand, through objects, and breaking a light into two. There are even advanced moves such as the trickling of light effect and illuminating one?s ears. To customize the D?Lite?, the DVD offers instructions on cutting the device to fit one?s hands, as well as darkening with a Sharpie marker to match different skin tones. Overall, the DVD has high production value. The DVDis guaranteed to spark your imagination.?

On this DVD, you will find:
Basic Operation
Routines Using One D'Lite
Productions Using D'Lite
Techniques Using Two D'Lites
Advanced Handling "Trickling D'Lites"
Rainbow Series Utilities (Trimming & Coloring)
Light in Flight
D'Lite Medley
Bonus Medley Featuring Rocco
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Price: $30.00
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