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by Doug Edwards

You will find it hard to believe and say this write-up is hyped, but when you purchase this item, you will know what we mean. A blue deck of cards is shuffled and cut a few times. The magician riffles down the corner of the deck until the spectator stops him. That portion of the deck is lifted and a card is viewed and the two halves replaced. The spectator is asked to call out his card. The magician riffles the front of the deck - and the selected card ?pops? out of the deck only it?s face-up.

The selected card is now pushed back (and shown to have a blue back) into the deck while reversed and the deck is turned over and ribbon spread. The selected card is now face-up again along with the rest of the deck. The spectator removes his selected card and is asked ?Did you know how I did it?? Of course, the answer is ?No, well I use a marked deck!? The deck is turned over to show all blue backs. The spectator turns over his card and it?s red - it?s the only red card in the deck. boy, it this a ?Stunner!?

Just to recap what happened: 1. Card selected, 2. Card pops out of the deck reversed, 3. Deck turned over - card reverses itself again, 4. Deck is shown blue - only the selected card has a red back.

Now the best news of all - you will able to perform this within 15 minutes after receiving it. Doug has eliminated any sleight of hand whatsoever. We know you will enjoy the effect - It?s a ?stunner! Please Note - No rough and smooth cards are used. The deck may be used for any other card effects.
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Price: $24.95
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