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Spooky: The Spirit Silk


Spooky: The Spirit Silk

Make a ghost appear under the handkerchief to create a fun, spooky effect. Best of all, it folds up and goes into the pocket without any "reset" or fuss.

Magician displays a beautifully patterned 18? pocket-handkerchief, which can be held up to the light before you do the effect. Then the corners are folded in, so that you have a small square or ?SPOOK TRAP? in front of you. A perfectly flat trap we might add!

All of a sudden the center begins to rise SLOWLY and then with a lot of action, it comes to LIFE! Performer?s hands are in full view and can be watched, nothing to see. Old SPOOKY has his day, he kicks about and actually leaps up a full five inches, and then just when everyone is ready to grab him, the hanky is shaken out... there?s NOTHING THERE!!! Or, as one of SPOOKY?S friends suggested, the magician can even blow it open to show it empty, not touching it in any way!

The handkerchief is completely self-contained. Nothing is added or taken away. It requires no skill and is immediately ready to perform again. There are no angles to worry about.

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