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Psychic Calculator

Psychic Calculator
by Jerry Somerdin

The mental and magical effects made possible with this calculator are unlimited. The calculator does the ?work? while it is in the hands of the spectators. It seems that the performer is using his psychic powers to create the effects. Although the spectators are entering and totaling numbers themselves, the calculator is completely under the performer?s control without his touching it. In the three effects described below, the performer first demonstrates how to add, subtract, multiply and divide on the calculator Spectators can see that it is a normal functioning calculator.

Effect #1. The calculator is passed to three or four spectators. They enter and total any numbers. The total matches the performer?s prediction.

Effect #2. A spectator enters any four-digit number (or any number of digits) into the calculator The spectator closes the case and it is passed to another spectator. The performer attempts to use his powers of concentration to mentally change the number entered to a number previously predicted by the performer. The spectator holding the calculator opens the case and the display matches the predicted number.

Effect #3. A black screen is placed over the display of the calculator. A spectator adds and subtracts any numbers on the calculator until the performer (whose back is turned or is blindfolded) calls ?stop.? The spectator totals the numbers entered, removes the screen and the display matches a number predicted by the performer.

These three effects are detailed in the instructions. Although the calculator is much more than ?ordinary,? it will also function as an ordinary calculator. In all the effects the performer is able to predict any number he desires.

Calculator, case, black screen, complete instructions for the three effects and batteries are included.

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