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It Can't Be

It Can't Be
by Ken Krenzel

From that popular close-up card worker Ken Krenzel. Not ?just another card trick? but something that will FOOL, AMAZE, and most important, ENTERTAIN. The effect seems so impossible that the spectators will never let their attention stray for a second while you are doing this remarkable effect.

Two decks, red and blue, are used - NO SPECIAL DECKS. A Spectator is asked to think of ANY NUMBER from I to 52 (that being the number of cards in a deck). After the number has been selected the spectator is given one of the deck (both decks have been in full view all the time) and is asked to shuffle it.

After the deck has been shuffled and it has been seen that the cards are really mixed up, the spectator selects a card from the shuffled pack, and this is placed face up on the table. Picking up the second deck the magician asks the spectator to count down to the number that he thought of at the start of the trick. When the spectator arrives at the card at his selected number IT IS FOUND TO BE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE CARD FROM THE FIRST DECK.

No, you don?t have to be a Dai Vernon, John Scarne, Bill Simon, or Ed Mario to do this trick. With any two decks, the routine and a little something extra you can do this at once. Complete routine (and that ?little something extra?).
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