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The Magical World of Slydini

The Magical World of Slydini
by Karl Fulves

This great master has released in print for the first time ever his Linking Ring Routine.

This one item alone took over 300 photographs plus six months of extensive writing by Karl Fulves. This two volume set contains over 1200 photographs by Arthur Manfredi. One volume of text, one volume of photographs (8-1/2 x 11). Both volumes are lavishly produced, and bath are designed to open flat so you can master the routines in the most convenient way possible.

Coins: Three versions of the coins thru the table, including the ?impossible? version Slydini holds in reserve as a final encore after the other encores. Plus a new routine called ?Sliding Silver? and complete details on the famous Slydini coin clip.

Silk Knots: Asked to describe his favorite tricks,. Slydini invariably says, ?The one coin routine and the knots.? The silk knots are famous around the world. Here is a revised description of the knots and the way to handle the routine to extract maximum impact.

Houdini Silks: Slydini ties one silk into a loop by knotting opposite comers. Then he links a second silk through the first one and ties opposite corners. The silks then unlink. The trick can be immediately repeated. Two silks, no gimmicks.

Splitting The Knots: One of the most startling silk tricks I know of. Two silks are knotted together at one end. They are instantly pulled apart, each silk still with a knot in the end! It looks as if the knot split in two.

Rope: The cut-and-restored rope routine, plus the complete equal-unequal rope routine with simplified handling, plus Slydini?s never-before- orepublished method of secretly tying a knot in one end of a rope for his close-up rope knot routine.

Cards: Slydini?s invisible pass, the Slydini aces, his complete Wild Card routine with the sensational finish, a new version of the Slydini packet switch, and the Slydini method of shifting the cut which fooled Vernon.

Miscellaneous: Text also includes ?Sweet Salt,? in which salt poured into the performers hand vanishes, then reappears, and then changes to sugar; plus ?Sugar Express,? in which sugar poured from a sugar packet vanishes and then reappears INSIDE the packet; a four-sponge routine; also a 3-to-1 cigarette restoration; plus an outstanding version of a borrowed ring-off-string routine; plus a revised, expanded account of the famous torn and restored newspaper;

PLUS one routine we are burying here at the finish - a trick worth the price of the book - the remarkable Slydini method of doing the Sympathetic Silks. ?

Don?t miss out on this classic set of magic by Slydini. There is something here for EVERYONE who loves magic in its purest form.

Over 300 page, Hardbound.
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