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Reel Magic: Book

Reel Magic: Book
by Albenice

The Reel is a prop that should be in every magician's possession, and can be purchased at your favorite magic shop. Reel Magic is a book that gives you a myriad of routines using the Reel. Cards will rise, silks will come to life, small items will vanish, all under your control.

Albenice reveals his famous Serpent Silk, wherein a scarf, twisted rope fashion and tied in a knot visibly unties itself! More than 25 different effects are described, including penetrations, color changes, knot effects, and much more.

Initially published in 1941, this work has enjoyed great popularity throughout the years, due entirely to the subtlety of the methods and the beauty of the effects.

The subject of ?Reel Magic? is still of absorbing interest to the profession, and it is with great pleasure that this revised and enlarged edition is now offered, including a special pet of Albenice?s which he developed subsequent to the publication of the first edition. This additional Albenice effect has been used in his own programs for some time, and, as the secret was not known to others, it was exclusively his own. Full details will be found in the Addenda to the current volume.

Also in the Addenda will be found the complete manuscript of ?The Penetrable Silk? by Spalding, which was originally published in ?The Sphinx? in the form of a series of articles. Spalding independently developed a whole series of penetration effects using a reel and a silk handkerchief, all of which are very effective.
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