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Sleight Of Hand With Coins DVD

AU-146 Sleight Of Hand With Coins DVD
by Jay Sankey

Learn the sleight-of-hand secrets of professional magicians!

Featuring 17 incredible effects and 24 killer sleights, this is the ultimate introduction to performing eye-popping sleight-of-hand magic with just a few borrowed coins!

Learn the secrets behind many of Jay Sankey's all-time favorite vanishes, productions, transpositions and routines! Jay has also included TWO BONUS SECTIONS: one on flourishes and the other on the secret art of lapping!

This exciting DVD was filmed with two broadcast quality video cameras and many of the instructional segments feature extreme close-ups taped from the performer's point-of-view to insure the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LEARNING!

This unique DVD was specially developed and produced with an international audience in mind! All the startling effects are super-visual and taught completely without words so nothing gets in between you and the magic! Instead, the eclectic soundtrack features music ranging from New Age and Jazz to Techno, Blues and Lounge.

If you are just starting out in sleight-of-hand magic, this is the perfect DVD for you!

Runtime: 70 minutes


1. Handkerchief Vanish
2. Coin From Bill
3. French Drop
4. Two And Two
5. Slide Vanish
6. Coins To Candies
7. One Coin Vanish & Appearance
8. Spellbound Change
9. Sixteen Pennies
10. Sleight Of Elbow
11. Penny To Dollar
12. Bent Coin
13. French Drop & L'Homme Masque
14. Two Coin Vanish
15. Coin Through Pocket
16. Seated Vanish
17. Jumping Coin
18. Himber Vanish
19. Copper/Silver Transposition
20. Slick Splits
21. Coins Across
22. Matrix


23. Coin Roll
24. Four Coin Roll Down


25. Impossible Switch
26. Completely Gone!
27. Coins Through Table


Shuttle Pass
Thumb Palm Vanish
Shirt Pocket Drop
Himber Vanish
False Take
Four Coin Rolldown
Slide Down Vanish
Card/Coin Pick-Up
French Drop Vanish
Hand to Hand Acquitmen
L'Homme Masque Production
Lap Drop
Retention Vanish
Spellbound Change
Bobo Switch
Classic Palm
False Put
Multiple Classic Palm
Coin Roll
Shuttle Pass
False Pick-Up
Multiple Lapping
Classic Palm Vanish
Finger Palm Vanish

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