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Signa-Tare Card Illusion (Instant Download)

Signa-Tare Card Illusion (Instant Download)
by Karrell Fox

In this effect, a spectator selects a card from a face-up deck. The spectator then signs their name, diagonally, across the face of the selected card. The card is returned to the magician, and as he accepts the card, the rest of the deck is placed aside.

The selected card is folded in half and torn into two unmistakably separate pieces. Both halves are placed together and the card is torn once more so that it is now in quarters. A piece of the card is handed to the spectator (part of his signature is on this piece), with the request that he gently rub it with his fingers. The remaining pieces are fastened together with a paper clip by the magician. The clipped packet is placed on the table (or held by the spectator), and may be viewed from any and all angles. The Magician takes the packet back, removes the paper clip and the loose pieces are squared up. The magician then gently kneads the pieces and slowly unfolds them. THE CARD IS SEEN TO BE RESTORED WITH THE SIGNATURE INTACT, except for the piece of card the spectator holds. The spectator brings their piece to the restored card and it fits perfectly.

Please note that in this illusion, THE SPECTATOR SEE'S YOU ACTUALLY TEAR THE CARD AND THAT THEIR SIGNATURE IS VISIBLE DURING THE TEARING. Another astonishing truth is that THE CARD THEY SEE YOU TEAR IS THE SAME ONE THEY WILL SEE RESTORED AT THE FINISH. Truly, truly magical. This blows'em away every time.
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