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Beyond Secrets


Beyond Secrets
by Jay Sankey

Are your ready to take your magic and mentalism to THE NEXT LEVEL?

Beyond the moves, beyond the gimmicks, beyond the patter, there exists a handful of fundamental truths about the performance and creation of magic. After performing for more than a quarter of a century and creating hundreds of innovative magic routines, Jay Sankey has written a book exploring these same truths.

This thought-provoking collection of short pieces ranges from the technical and psychological to the philosophical and sociological, while also staying rooted in the heartfelt and practical. After reading just a handful of the passages, you will see the craft of magic in a whole new light.

Learn from one of the most creative magicians on the planet and BECOME A BETTER MAGICIAN TODAY!

Learn how to:

* Practice more effectively
* Connect with your audience
* Invite wonder
* Nurture your creativity
* Add humor to your magic
* Create "Key Images"
* Market your unique talents
* Write powerful scripts
* Transition between effects
* Perform new material
* Choose spectators
* Avoid "Over Proving"
* Manage multiple climaxes
* Orchestrate your magic
* Simplify your magic
* Inspire belief ... and much, much more!

Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer.

Pages 182 - Hardbound

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