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Hundred Dollar Miracles DVD

Hundred Dollar Miracles DVD
by Jay Sankey


Jay Sankey has been creating original and exciting applications with Mike Kozlowski's bill switch for years, and now here in one amazing volume Jay includes all his classic bill switch effects along with many other routines he is revealing for the very first time!

A mind-blowing collection of 30 incredible magic and mentalist effects for close-up, stand-up, walk around and even stage performers including restorations, vanishes, appearances, transformations, divinations, penetrations, transportations and more! All using the bill switch!

Jay teaches the switch from three different camera angles so learning the technique has never been easier. Jay also goes into great detail on such important subjects as preparing the billets, practicing the switch and executing the switch in different performance settings.

Learn how to use the switch to bend spoons, color illustrations from a children's book, cause signatures to transpose, push words through the middle of a bill, create wrinkles in drawing of a pair of pants, tear and restore a borrowed and signed bill, move a hole into a bulls eye, bring an image in a photograph to life, cause an illustration of a flower to gain a scent, find three selected cards, and even burst the drawing of a balloon complete with sound effect!

30 Astounding Routines Including:

A thought-of card vanishes and reappears in the performer's pocket! Lethal combination of magic + mentalism!

A punched hole in a BORROWED bill impossibly travels into the middle of a drawn bulls eye!

A Sankey classic. The torn corner of a bill visually moves to the opposite corner and yet the torn piece STILL FITS! Definite mind-blower.

Hundreds of printed words on a piece of paper cut out from a real magazine mysteriously SHIFT 90-degrees and the "holy object" is even given away as a souvenir!

The spectator randomly chooses a 4-digit number. The miracle worker introduces a slip of paper with dozens of digits printed on it. A moment later, all the digits VANISH...except for the 4-digits the spectator is merely thinking of. Jay regularly gets SCREAMS with this outrageous routine!

One of Jay's all-time favorite effects for bar and restaurant work. The spectator's own signature changes places with the performer's signature. And again, you end clean with a marvelous souvenir.

* "POP!"
Draw the shape of a blown-up balloon on a just-borrowed bill. Fold it up and everyone actually HEARS IT "pop!" Unfold the bill to show the deflated balloon! Surreal and heart-stopping!

A card is selected and returned to the pack. A bill is borrowed, examined and the performer suggests the bill "may be counterfeit." He even removes a sticker from his pocket featuring the word "COUNTERFEIT" and sticks it to the borrowed bill. The bill is folded and unfolded to reveal that the sticker now reads "ACEOFCLUBS" (the spectator's card!!) Everyone freaks out!! Super visual, wildly memorable.

Plus DOZENS more phenomenal effects!

Running Time Approximately 118 min

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