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Perfect Monte

Perfect Monte
by Jerry Somerdin

Pay careful attention. You open the packet and you?ll find just three cards. Two with red backs, and full faces. No trick printing. But concentrate instead on what happens when you show the suckers (oops! - the spectators) the faces. The red-backed cards are the two red tens from the deck (hearts and diamonds), and the card seen sandwiched in the middle is the Queen of Spades. You turn the fanned cards over, to show how easy it will be to track the middle card - due to its contrasting blue back.

Then you simply close the fan, shuffle or mix the three cards slowly, and so that the spectators can easily follow your every move, and finally drop them on the table and ask that the viewers to point out which is which. The two red-backed, red-faced tens are easy. You turn them slowly face-up, so they may be stared at as long as your audience likes. But the blue-backed card? No. It?s NOT the Queen. The Queen has completely disappeared. We mean that. And, no, it was not palmed off. In its place is either a give-away card, with your name, address, and a brief description of availability for magic shows, or a delightful gag card that comes with the trick, reading: ?So sorry!? Now, you?ll blow THEIR minds.

And honest! You don?t use strippers, flapcards, card-switching drop throws, Mexican monte turn-over moves, or any of the well known standard techniques. Is this one ever different! We?re serious. THIS effect you HAVE to have. It will make your reputation.
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