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by Tannen?s Magic

Truly a ?professional? and unique effect.

You fill a transparent soda ?pop? bottle 3/4 full of water, and holding the bottle in your left hand, have your right hand put a 1? by 1? square piece of paper on top of the bottle and as your right hand holds the paper tightly on, your left hand turns the bottle into an upside-down position. Slowly, and dramatically, you take your right hand away, and the paper stays on the bottle opening of the upturned bottle: ?Atmosphere pressure holds the paper,? you correctly explain.

Next, you carefully peel the paper off the bottle opening and - incredible magical surprise! The water ?liquid? remains suspended in the upturned bottle, except for a few drops or a little dribbling which falls from the bottle opening, that you explain is from condensation outside the bottle, and/or the sudden impact of atmospheric pressure, as you peeled the paper off the bottle opening. Then, you proceed to insert matches, toothpicks, even short pencil lengths up through the mouth of the upturned bottle, and they immediately float to the top of the water inside the bottle, and prove there is nothing on the mouth of the bottle holding the water inside.

Finally, you turn the bottle to its upright position, replace for a moment the piece of paper, and then hand the bottle, water inside, and paper to a spectator who tries to duplicate your results, with the water inevitably rushing out of the opening of the upturned bottle.
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Price: $35.00
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