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Believe DVD

Believe DVD
by Joel Paschall and Theory 11

For those who believe...

A pure, impromptu miracle from the mind of Joel Paschall. A card is selected from the deck, signed, and returned. An indifferent card is shown; the corner is ripped off and placed face up on the table. The rest of the card is set aside, in view.

With a slow, calculated, delicate wave of your hand over the torn corner, it visually changes into that of the spectator's chosen selection. Impossible? The rest of the card - which has been in view the entire time - is turned over as well.

The corners match. the signature remains.

Believe is a visual transformation under the cleanest conditions possible. A unique twist on Jean Hugard's 'Leopard Spots,' Believe is an effect that is simple yet extremely powerful.

Screenshot from Believe DVD - Joel Paschall Shot in high definition, Believe features live performances and expert teaching by Joel Paschall. Learn every eccentricity of this effect, from start to finish, in complete detail.

. Completely impromptu
. No gimmicks. No force. No duplicates.

. Bonus sleights and applications

. Shot on location.
. 30 minutes of detailed instruction.

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