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Dangerous: Mystique DVD

Dangerous: Mystique DVD
Volume 1
by Joel Paschall and Theory 11

Something dangerous has arrived.

One of the most talked about projects of 2008, Dangerous represents the definitive work of underground magician Daniel Madison - a massive DVD anthology of d+M's work, past and present.

Volume I is entitled Mystique, and is dedicated to the magic of d+M. Complete with live performances shot on location in the U.S. with additional footage filmed in the United Kingdom.

The instruction quality is beyond comparison; unparalleled and true to d+M's trademark style. Each item is taught with vocal instruction, on-screen text, multiple camera angles, and extra tips shared by Madison.

Volume I : Mystique (Magic)


In a test of intuition, three spectators are asked to each remove a specific playing card from the shuffled deck - but here's the catch: they cannot look at the faces of the cards. For example, spectator one may be asked to remove the card that they feel is the 5 of Diamonds, spectator two may be asked to remove the card they feel is the 3 of Hearts, and finally spectator three may be asked to remove the card they feel to be the Queen of Clubs - all without looking at the true identity of their selections. The three cards are then shown to be the exact named cards. This is d+M's take on the classic plot.


The performer takes the deck and a flourish is performed revealing an Ace which is handed to the spectator to hold. A 2nd Ace is revealed in the performers pocket and handed to the spectator. The deck then vanishes leaving behind a 3rd Ace, which is again handed to the spectator. The fourth Ace is then revealed to have been held by the spectator from the very beginning.


The spectator selects a card from the deck. A corner is then torn from the chosen card and the torn card is handed to the spectator to hold. The corner is then cleanly vanished from the performers hand and revealed ANYWHERE the performer desires. This can be performed with any deck. The set-up takes seconds, and there are no duplicates. The corner is the exact corner from the torn card.


A selected card is lost in the deck. As the deck is shuffled a packet is thrown through the air, two aces separate from the deck landing in the performers open hand with the selected card sandwiched between them.


An instant, visual color-change.


A pair of aces are placed face down on a table, a selected card is held on top and overlapping the deck face up. The performer slowly waves his hand over the card which slowly vanishes, one half at a time. The vanished card is then found between the Aces on the table


The performer introduces four playing cards from a different deck but doesn't show their values. The spectator is handed the deck and asked to shuffle. Once the deck has been shuffled the spectator is asked to count out cards face up one at a time and stop at any point. The card stopped at is added to the four different cards which are then revealed to be an Ace, 2, 4 and 5 of clubs. The spectator's freely chosen card is then revealed to be the 3 of Clubs - completing the perfect Straight Flush.


The performer calls on two volunteers & asks that they each take a card. The selected cards are freely shown & signed by each spectator. The performer then takes the first card [for explanation purposes we shall use the Ace of Clubs as the first card] & places it in his back pocket stating that he will come back to it later. He then takes the second card [for explanation purposes we shall use the 2 of Hearts as the second card] & mixes it into the deck.

The performer then riffles down the side of the deck asking spectator 2 to call stop 'hopefully we should be able to stop at your card.' The stopped at card is revealed to be the first card ? Ace of Clubs; slightly confused, the performer removes the Ace of clubs from the deck & places it on the table 'If the Ace is here, then the card in my pocket must be?' The performer then reaches into his pocket & takes out the card, which is revealed to be? The Ace of Clubs. The tabled card, as thought to be the Ace, is then turned over and revealed to be the 2 of Hearts.


The bottom card of the deck is shown, the performer shakes the deck causing the bottom card to change/visually vanish. The vanished card is then found in the performers pocket.


The spectator is invited to freely select a card from the deck, the card is then shuffled into the deck. The spectator is then handed the deck and told that they will switch places with the performer; they will become the magician and the magician will become the spectator. The spectator is then asked to shuffle the deck before spreading the cards for the performer to select a card. The card selected is then revealed to be the same card as the spectators original selection.


A selected card is held on the bottom of the deck, the deck is then held under a glass table. The performer then holds his hand over the table and pulls the card through the glass. The card is left on the table and the deck is held under the glass. The performer then pushes the card back through the glass where it lands back on the deck.

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