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Aces In Their Faces

Aces In Their Faces
by Bob Kohler

Simply the Best Ace Assembly Ever Created

Since 1996 over 55,000 copies of Aces In Their Faces have been sold worldwide. It's now one of the classics of card magic. Why, because it's amazing to the audience, it fools everybody, it's easy to do and it resets instantly. What more could you ask for?

Finally a DVD that tips all of Bob's incredible work on one of the best selling card routines of all time, "ACES IN THEIR FACES."

This DVD reveals all FOUR routines.

ACES IN THEIR FACES is completely SELF-WORKING. No sleight of hand! It's so easy anyone of any age can easily do it immediately!

A deck of cards is shown to be all face-down. You make a magical gesture and show the Ace of Spades now face-up on top of the deck! The deck is cut, squared-up and magically, the remaining three aces also turn face-up! The deck is then separated at the aces into four piles. Without any funny moves whatsoever, the four aces magically migrate, jumping into one packet!

ACES IN THEIR MINDS takes it up a notch by adding diabolical equivoque. Even though the spectator makes all of the decisions the Aces FLY to wherever the spectator decides...simply breathtaking!

ACES IN THEIR EYES is simply the most convincing vanish sequence ever devised for an ace assembly. Eye-popping, yet easy to do!

ACES IN THEIR SOULS is the monster. It combines ACES IN THEIR MINDS with ACES IN THEIR EYES. It is stunning. Gasps are the rule not the exception. ACES IN THEIR SOULS is a true showstopper!

Instant Reset

Skill Level From Self-Working To Advanced

Includes red Bicycle gaffs specially printed by the United States Playing Card Company!

Running Time Approximately 94min

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