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How To Do Street Magic DVD

How To Do Street Magic DVD
by Ellusionist

Are you ready to perform magic tricks you never thought were possible?

Never have results been so within the grasp of the ordinary person who wanted to learn magic.

How to Do Street Magic Teaching DVD was designed to take the beginner from 0-60 fast. You'll perform your first trick within an hour.

The dynamic DVD combines gritty, stylized footage with superb, hard hitting tricks that use ordinary objects to amaze anyone.

- Learn over 20 tricks and flourishes
- Simple step-by-step format
- Easy to learn!

Spectator chooses a card, then thinks of the card. They draw a picture of the card on a slip of paper and fold the paper into quarters. The paper is burned to ashes. Performer takes the ashes and rubs them on his/her arm...the image of the card slowly and perfectly appears on the performer's forearm.

Glass Stinger
Performer says he can make a coin disintegrate. Borrows a coin but says he has to cover the process so the spectator won't see it happen.He puts a small glass over the coin but people can still see through it. So the performer wraps a paper napkin around the glass. The audience is getting skeptical, wondering if the trick will be any good. The performer makes an "incantation" and pulls the glass off the coin but it is not gone. After a few more tries the coin is still not gone so... the performer slams the entire glass through the table. The audience hears it hit and go through.... performer pulls the glass out from under the table.

Sick Aces
Performer borrows a shuffled pack of cards and sets them on the table saying that during the entire trick he doesn't want to touch or come near the cards. He instructs a volunteer to cut the cards into four piles.... the volunteer can cut ANYWHERE. The performer has the volunteer mix the cards at random, putting cards here and there and on the other piles - it makes no difference where. At no time does he even come near the cards. Then the performer asks what the four most wanted cards are in a game of poker. They say aces. The performer asks if he has touched the cards in any way. The answer is absolutely NO. The spectator turns over the top four cards and they are, impossibly, the four aces. Can be done with ANY deck.

Trace Unseen
Performer takes a shuffled pack of cards and "riffles" through asking a spectator to stop ANYWHERE. When the spectator says stop, they remember what card they stopped at.... that card NEVER leaves the pack. The performer says "watch" as he slowly closes the pack on the chosen card (they SEE the card disappear into the pack) and then shuffles the pack. They never take their eyes off the performer's hands.) The performer instructs the volunteer to think of the card and watch the cards as he turns over each card in the pack one by one. They go through the entire pack with the spectator watching to SEE his card but.... he never does. That card is the ONLY card now missing.... even though they have been watching the performer like a hawk. The performer starts patting his pockets as if the card might be in one of them. He looks around the room. He starts looking at the people. He settles on one guy at the far end of the table, or room. He asks this man to check his jacket pocket. The man does, and pulls out the exact card that JUST VANISHED. You can also "find" the card in the refridgerator or even in someone's hamburger... or on the OUTSIDE of the window.

Borrow a business card from someone in the room. Fold it in quarters and tear the middle out of it. Show that there is a hole in the middle of the card and the four sides are intact. You thread the card onto a string, rope, shoelace, whatever. You tell people that you are about to perform the impossible but for their own protection you are going to cover the process with a handkerchief. The ends of the string or rope are held by the audience at all times. You reach under the handkerchief and in ten seconds remove the business card, intact, from the string. It still has the perfect hole in the middle! Everything may be examined. This is completely impossible.

Trick Switch
After picking a card and shuffling it into the deck, the performer says he is going to try to find the card but he asks the spectator to keep a strict poker face - not blink - and not give away the card "no matter what".

Performer pulls out three cards and puts them on the table one by one... each time asking the spectator if it IS his card. The third card IS the card - but since the spectator has been instructed NOT to give it away - he cannot say anything. The performer puts it on the table saying he's positive that these three cards are NOT the chosen one. (The spectators begin to get amused - thinking that the performer has blown it).

After playing around to build up the effect, the performer pulls out the SAME chosen card from the DECK. Everyone DIVES for the card on the table - having seen it clearly placed there - but it is a different card!

When people ask you to do a card trick, do this one first. You won't believe how sorry they feel for you - that you are so dumb to blow it so badly. Then you will see them literally FREAK when the card on the table is not the card they thought it was, and they realize there is more to you than they thought. "DO ANOTHER ONE!! PLEASE!!!!"

Voodoo Zone (also known as card warp)
The trick looks like pure magic. A card is folded in half, face in. Another card is folded in half lengthwise, face OUT. The face out card is pushed through the face in card and as it comes out the other side it changes to FACE IN. This all happens visibly and no "trick cards" are used. In fact, borrow a deck and do it - it's better that way.

Go Inside Sugar
You take a quarter on your hand. Place a sugar packet with the quarter and slowly close your hand around both. A spectator holds your wrist and another holds your hand and they squeeze. You open your hand and the quarter is gone but the sugar is still there. You rip open the sealed sugar packet and slowly empty it onto the table.... the quarter falls out of the packet, clanging on the table.Do it in any bar or diner. Great to do for girls if you want them holding your hand! ;)

George's Old Trick
A. You show your hand absolutely empty and flick the fingers one by one. You instantly pull a quarter out of thin air, using just the one hand.

B. You put the coin on the table in front of you - everyone sees it in the middle of the table. You put a hand over it and gently rub in a tiny circle. Pull your hand off and the coin is simply gone. Another great one for the dinner table.

Chance Zero
You tell a spectator to take a shuffled deck and deal the cards one by one. If they think it's a red card they put it in one pile.... if they think it's black they put it in another pile. They deal the whole deck, face down, putting cards anywhere they want to. They can pull cards out and change them, whatever. You turn over the cards and the spectator HAS divided the cards between red and black perfectly..... this is magic at it's most amazing. You never touch the deck and it can be a borrowed deck. Inconceivable but true.

You pull out a stack of blank business cards and show all of them back and front. You pull out a single blank card from the stack and again, show it plainly back and front. Slowly you push it through your hand and as it emerges on the other side it comes out with your printing, name, address etc on it. Give it to the spectator... there is no better way to hand out your card.

Borrow a solid ring and then borrow a shoelace, or string. You thread the ring on the lace and place it on a lady's outstretched hand. Slowly she closes her hand around the ring and lace and you can see the ring threaded right up to the last second. You take each end of the string and slightly pull it.... the lady can FEEL the string go right through the ring and OFF. She opens her hand and there it is. Off the lace.

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