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Finding Dariel Fitzkee

Finding Dariel Fitzkee
by Dariel Fitzkee

The Definitive Work on Dariel Fitzkee - The Man with the Trick Brain

Finding Dariel Fitzkee, 8 1/2"x11, 288 pages, hardbound with dust jacket, over 240 photographs. The documentary DVD, included free, contains actual footage of Dariel performing, selections from the original IMIA Show, an illustrated interview with Dick Mossey who saw the show several times, David Goodsell's Magic Live Fitzkee lecture and a video interview with Dariel Fitzkee's daughter, Marcia.

Author of the fitzkee Trilogy
Chautasqua Performer
Stage designer and inventor
Produced the best show of its time - but it failed. Why?
Wrote 15 books on magic...but turned his back on magic. Why
Was S.A.M. National 1st Vice President but never became National President. Why
World Famous scientist?
Why did he change his name?
Did he believe in spiritualism?

Also in the book are all the tricks and routines that Dariel published in magic magazines and The Linking Ring Fitzkee Parade of 1946! 40 pages of magic.

Foreward by Barrie Richardson
41 pages of Fitzkee's Magic.

Pages 288 - Hardbound with dust jacket
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