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Dynamic Walkaround DVD

Dynamic Walkaround DVD
by Anthony Owen and Paul Andrews

Back in the last century, before he quit performing to become the UK's leading television magic producer and consultant, Anthony Owen was a professional close-up magician. On this DVD (first released on video in 1998) you'll get to spy on Anthony Owen and his colleague Paul Andrews as they perform walkaround ('street magic' style) close-up magic at a cocktail party in a hotel in London's west-end.

And after the party you get to listen in on their revealing chat over coffee as they share the real secrets of the business of performing walkaround ('street magic' style) close-up magic at receptions, cocktail parties, corporate launches and events. You'll get to learn the pitfalls, the advantages, the disadvantages and the tips to master this profitable market.

Plus you'll learn the secrets of a bunch of unique original material developed by Anthony and Paul for their professional performance repertoire.

Contents include:

SOBW: Anthony's acclaimed Oil and Water routine in which red and black cards are repeatedly mixed and magically separate. Finally the magic happens even with the cards face-up! This routine was the basis of the sequence performed by Alistair Cook (Monkey Boy) on Monkey Magic series one and published in Anthony's book Some Tricks. It was one of the hits of Anthony's acclaimed lecture at the International Magic convention in November 2007.

Brainwash: A version of the classic Dai Vernon Brainwave Deck effect which can be performed with a borrowed regular deck. A spectator freely names any card they wish and you reveal that you knew in advance which card they would name and ? as additional evidence you even have a duplicate of the freely named card in the zippered compartment of a wallet which an audience member was holding onto before the card was even named! No restricted choice ? no stooges - they can name any card - and absolutely no palming or sleights.

Pencil through Coin: A pencil is penetrated through a borrowed initialed coin. Anthony's great handling enables the spectator to actually remove their marked coin from the pencil themselves! Malcolm Yaffe wrote in Abracadabra magazine, The World's Only Magical weekly: "The best handling for the Pencil through Coin I've come across."

Birthday Deck: A pack of cards with dates and months on the faces with which you can predict any one of the 365 days of the year - it could be a spectator's birthday, anniversary or anything - and then cause all the other cards in the pack to turn completely blank! Nick Menday wrote in Abracadabra magazine that this routine was: "a stunning effect...simple, direct and easy to perform".

Plus: Life is Sweet - an instantly reset routine in which you take your audience back in time just by using items which can be found in any restaurant or party setting. Palmprint - you prove that the future really is in a spectator's palm with this simple strong routine. Coin Across Body - a vanished coin magically appears in a spectator's hand - twice! Match of the Day - a lit match vanishes from your hand and appears in a spectator's tightly closed fist.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 22min
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