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by Yigal Mesika

Check this out: You?re in a normal setting ? maybe a coffee shop, a classroom, even a party. You borrow a friend?s ring and hold it very fairly ? nothing to hide. Suddenly, you give it a gentle horizontal spin and slowly move your hands away ? the ring is now floating. Imagine that it continues to spin ? without you touching it! The ring hovers up and down above your hand, from one hand to another, and slowly lands on your own finger! Now get this: You instantly repeat it, and end up with the ring floating onto the spectator?s own finger! Sounds impossible? Believe it or not, it?s easy to master! This levitation has it all. It?s fun, mysterious, edgy, and leaves a strong emotional impact.

The Tarantula is a unique gimmick that has shattered the conventional wisdom of what reels look like and accomplish. This stealth utility allows you to easily master levitation and animation for any situation. You can fearlessly perform completely surrounded with the Tarantula, and the preparation only takes a second. Literally, you have the power at your fingertips, and can show your hands empty at any time. The Tarantula allows you to perform countless effects that have never been seen or done before. The Tarantula comes with an explanation DVD, and everything you need to get started right away.

Every detail of the Tarantula Motorized Reel will be taught step-by-step.
You will learn new, incredible effects, including:

? Hovering
? New Haunted Pack
? Magnetic Money
? Magic Pen
? Floating Dollar Bill

?The Tarantula is magically genius. I highly recommend it.?

?This is the best levitation I have ever seen?
-Whit ?Pop? Haydn
(6 time Magic Castle Winner of the year)

See live performances of the Tarantula in action.

Subtleties that will teach you how to perform with the Tarantula FLAWLESSLY!

You will receive in-depth detail on exactly how your Tarantula works and how it can work for you.

By seeing first-hand exactly how Yigal Mesika works with the amazing Tarantula, you will feel as though you are receiving a live, personal lesson.

? Easy to master
? Unlike any other reel
? Versatile
? Perform sleeveless
? No assistants
? Perform completely surrounded!!!

Ok, I am sure you have heard the word on the street about this new item from Mr. Mesika called the Tarantula.

So what is the Tarantula? Tarantulas are a group of hairy and often very large spiders belonging to the family Theraphosidae. But that?s not important here.

The Tarantula is a new electric invisible thread reel device.

It is very stealthy, let?s say you can have it in the palm of your hands and no one will see it. (not like the picture) See the video demo

It is designed not to tangle, easy to fix and replace the thread spool and battery, it is virtually invisible and you can do some extraordinary levitating or floating of objects with it.

You have complete control of the thread management (reel in and out)

Some things you can do with the Tarantula:
Spin cards in air and come back to your hands (like boomerang)
Levitate money or other paper items
Card rise (even under glass)
Floating ring
Haunted deck
And many, many more!

The Tarantula uses the same spider pen spooler thread and a common button cell battery.

If you use the spider pen, loops, Invisible thread or ITR then you will use and love the Tarantula.

Get the Flash Video Player to see this video.

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