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Card Marvels

Card Marvels
by Paul Gordon

CARD MARVELS contains 54 NEW (or previously unpublished) commercial, impromptu and doable card tricks. 222 jam-packed pages and 150 photographs to aid the already easy-to-read writing.

Beautifully produced perfect-bound full-colour cover softback. And this time (due to the quantity of photos), finished in litho top-quality print! Paul truly feels that this book is his best in terms of writing, production and sheer quality and quantity of good solid entertaining card magic!

Colgawadon Aces
The Bragordon Comedy Card Trick
Brothel K(r)eepers
Accentuated Aces
Ad Infinitum
Not Ad Nauseum
Boomerang Cards
Variation of Ambitious Card Variation
Easy Spell A Royal
Flush The Aces
Gem Of A Trick
Gemini Quads
Gordon's Aces
Investigating Tricky Travis
Jinx Force Concept
Mini Thrice Redux
That's A Blast
The Sum Of All The (Hidden) Parts
Thoughts On "Stud!"
The Gordon Ultimate Closer
The Drunken Bridge Player
Forced Powerhouse
Notnats Leon Card Marvel
Exploring The Ramasee Principle
Tally-Ho Is Magic
Fifteen Is Magic
Four Famous Magicians
Deal The Royal Flush
The Royal Marriages
The Royal Marriages Kick
Perfect Prediction Premonition
Emulsion Compulsion
This Is What Magicians Do
Not A Miracle
Aces Backfire!
Call 9999
Seca Alabbak Redux
Hit 'Em Between The Eyes
ITHEC & Twisting The Aces
Foxy Ace Assembly
Elle Vate
The Lady Vanishes
Spectator-Cut Christ Aces
Thanks To Marlo
Oh? See Williams!
Room 4567
Emulsion Cards
How Hard Adams?
The Three Lions
Trade Show Sizzler # 1
Trade Show Sizzler # 2
The Wagdon Card Trick
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Price: $35.00
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