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Born To Perform DVD

Born To Perform DVD
by Oz Pearlman

Learning card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks.

This DVD will start you at the beginning of card magic and take you to a working professional's level. You'll progress faster than ever before by focusing on the most powerful moves. This is a complete course in card magic without the filler. There's no reason to spend hundreds of dollars buying a set of 3 or 8 or 10 DVDs when you can learn the core skills (the ones that get used over and over again in thousands of tricks) on one DVD. This is that DVD.

By the time you're finished you'll have learned 4 full-length routines--including the Ambitious Card. You'll have mastered the fundamentals, learned seven of the most powerful and practical controls (including the Classic Pass), developed two high-powered forces and picked up eight ultra-visual flourishes.

This isn't an encyclopedia... it's an arsenal. All of the most powerful weapons of card magic are included.

Once you've mastered these key moves you'll be able to perform anytime, anywhere, with just a regular deck of cards. Imagine how it's going to feel to have that power to entertain. This is a technology that changes you. It's like riding a bike, learning a new language, or flying an airplane. It's freedom... with a deck of cards.

Mechanic's Grip
Biddle Grip
Pinky Break
Thumb Break
Dribble to Secure a Break
Swing Cut
Swivel Cut
Double Lift
Top Palm

Ultimate Transpo
Two Card Monte
Biddle Trick
Ambitious Card

Classic Pass
Hindu Shuffle Pass
Double Undercut
One Handed Top Palm
Elmsley Count
Spread Cull
Swing Swivel Cut

Hindu Shuffle
Riffle Shuffle

2 Handed Thumb Fan
Le Paul Spread
Springing the Cards
Erdnase Color Change
One Handed Thumb Fan
Hot Shot Cut [Daryl]
Pendulum Cut [Hooser]
Trinary Cut [Acer]

Running Time Approximately 104min

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