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Cellular Mitosis

Cellular Mitosis
by Docc Hilford

This is the trick that's so strong, Docc Hilford has closed his 30 minute mentalism show with it.

The features claimed here and by the performer are ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

Here is what the audiences sees:

A spectator is asked to think of any thought. It can be a name, a place, a date, a number, a color, any thought at all. A phone number is randomly selected from any phonebook. THERE IS NO FORCE OF THE NAME OR NUMBER FROM THE BOOK! The person is called and asked to guess at what the spectator is thinking. The person NAMES THE THOUGHT!! The spectator speaks to the randomly selected person and he tells the spectator exactly what he's thinking!

This is an incredible effect. Check the important features listed below.

Also included are two bonus effects:

Nudie Call: An original effect using a spectator's cell phone and a mini nudie deck. It's all done in perfectly good taste and has some fun built-in comedy.

Call Me Up Sometime: is Ted Annemann's new phone test. The pages of annotations by Docc Hilford analyze the psychology of mentalism as seen through a different window.

If you could only do one mentalistic trick for press or audience, Cellular Mitosis would have to be it! Don't be left behind!

Key features:
any thought can be projected
no restrictions on the possible thoughts
anyone can be phoned
any phone book can be used to choose a person
the spectator cab choose any name
the spectator always has a free choice in thought and person phoned
the person phoned can be completely unknown to you or anyone else in the audience
no code is used
no stage whispers to spectator or person phoned
the spectator is never "in on it"
the spectator can talk to the person
can be performed impromptu
can be performed up-close
can be performed on stage
has blown away audiences across the US
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Price: $45.00
Price: $45.00
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