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Foundations DVD

Foundations DVD
by Jason England and Theory 11

Twenty Years Of Experience. One DVD.

Eight moves. 3 and a half hours. One DVD. Jason England - the hands behind the motion picture SHADE - presents a 3.5 hour DVD anthology on expert card technique. Every structure begins with the Foundation - the groundwork, the base, the fundamentals. This is it.

Foundations is a collection of eight specific movements, taught in detailed instruction by a true master - someone who has developed and refined his proficiency with legends like Steve Forte, Richard Turner, Martin Nash, Darwin Ortiz, and Chris Kenner.

Inside this DVD, Jason covers The Bottom Deal, Strike Second Deal, Center Deal, Greek Deal, Push Through False Shuffle, Palming Fundamentals, Diagonal Palm Shift, and the MacMillan Switch. All moves are explained in unparalleled detail.

THE STRIKE SECOND DEAL - Straight from the mechanic's arsenal, a move that has been championed by such iconic figures as Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller. A move whose utility stretches from applications in limitless magic effects to hardcore card hustling. A tool that both the beginner and advanced performer may practice in pursuit of distant perfection.

PUSH THROUGH SHUFFLE - An essential move in the arsenal of the trained card technician, the Push Through False Shuffle is a move that is deceptively simple and simply deceptive.

THE BOTTOM DEAL - An encompassing, 35 minute instructional resource for anyone that has wanted to begin study of the Bottom Deal. Learn the move and it's nuances from Jason as he shares his tips, thoughts, and concepts based on over 20 years of experience with the move and its applications.

DIAGONAL PALM SHIFT - A graduate course in Diagonal Palm Shift technique. Want to learn it? Step inside the pages of Erdnase and join us.

PALMING FUNDAMENTALS - One of the most widely studied moves in all of card handling, the card palm is a move with applications ranging from card magic to card cheating. You will learn three different palming techniques and the timing, precision, and history behind each. Featuring multiple angles for a smooth learning experience.

THE CENTER DEAL - One of the most difficult moves in the field of the card cheat, The Center Deal is finally illustrated like never before in video form.

THE MACMILLAN SWITCH - Published over 20 years ago and made popular in the movie SHADE, the MacMillan Switch is a seamless switch of one card for another, done in a fair, natural manner in broad daylight.

THE GREEK DEAL - One of the more difficult and unique false deals to be published over the past century, the Greek Deal allows you to covertly deal the second-to-the-last card of the pack while in play - completely unnoticed.

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