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Smart Stuff

Smart Stuff
by Bill Abbott

A Book of Brilliant Ideas & Routines For Your Smart Ass Deck

Smart Ass has become something of a phenomenon. Since it was released a year and a half ago I have received many ideas, tips and fully scripted routines from performers who use their Smart Ass deck on a regular basis. This book is a compilation of these submissions as well as a few of my own that I can guarantee will shine new light on this highly versatile and deceptive deck of cards.

There are ideas and routines using stickers, multiple decks, ice buckets, umbrellas, Kraft dinner, zip lock bags and airplanes! Included are routines for kids shows, corporate performances and comedy clubs.

Contributors include Allen Zingg, Doug Brewer, Jeff Bloom, Dave Wood, Ken Dumm, Cody Fisher, David Klass, Cris Johnson, Max Muto, Andy Kean, Floyd Collins, Bruce Trigg and Anthony Lindan.

Contents Include:

An Introduction by Allen Zingg

Smart Bits:

Smart Stop by Bill Abbott
Got Your Smart Ass Covered by Bill Abbott (& Sonny Fontana)
Bag It Up Close by Bill Abbott inspired by David Klass
Smart Bar by Doug Brewer
Smart Stickler by Jeff Bloom
True Love by Dave Wood
Self-Esteem Success by Andy Kean
Smart Ass Lines by Cris Johnson
Impromptu Smart Ass by Max Muto

Smart Scripts:

Half-Assed by Ken Dumm
MTV True Princess by Floyd Collins
Using Your Head by Floyd Collins
Smart Waltz by Bruce Trigg
That Special Moment by Allen Zingg
The Amazing Wizo! by Allen Zingg
Mirabile Dictu by Allen Zingg
Intuition by Bill Abbott
Princess & The Pea by Bill Abbott
Buyers Remorse by Bill Abbott
Thinking On Your Feet by Anthony Lindan
In Search Of A Smart Ass by Cody Fisher
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