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Magic Circle Diamond Jubilee DVD

Magic Circle Diamond Jubilee DVD

The priceless Magic Circle Diamond Jubilee footage shows the prestigious magic organization's shows and lectures celebrating its 75th anniversary in 1965, featuring over 30 wonderful performers.

The second part of the disk brings you Mystic Craig's film of dozens of performers at the 1956 British Ring Convention, demonstrating effects for his camera. Treats include John Ramsay, Alex Elmsley, Levante, Bobby Bernard, Henk Vermeyden, June Merlin, and others.

All footage has been remastered for DVD and all chapters are accessible through menus.

Performances by Fred Kaps, Robert Harbin, John Ramsay, Jay Marshall, Alex Elmsley, Billy McComb
Over 60 performers in all
Complete documentary on the Circle Jubilee
Over 25 performances from the 1956 British Ring convention
Over an hour of footage
Digitally remastered on DVD
Now you can see rare footage of some of the twentieth century's best magicians: Fred Kaps, Robert Harbin, John Ramsay, Jay Marshall, and many more...over 60 acts!


Keith Cooper
Graham Ripley
John Marshall
Alexander De Ruwe
Colin Rose
John Dare
John Milner
Jay Marshall
Henk Vermeyden
Billy McComb
Fred Kaps
Roger Adlard as Merlin
John Holland as a Renaissance magician
Bobby Bernard as Isaac Fawkes
Frank Boynett as Pinetti
John Salisse as John Henry Anderson
Peter Warlock as Robert-Houdin
Derek Moore as J. N. Hofzinser
David Budd as Buatier de Kolta
Len Wallace as Charles Bertram
Howard Peters as Houdini
John Young as J. N. Maskelyne
Keith Cooper as Cardini
Michael Bailey in the Colley Case
Jon Gresham
Claude Chandler
Donald Cooper
Milo Trnka
Alberto Sitta
Christopher Woodward
Esme Levante
Robert Harbin
Fred Kaps

British Ring Stars 1956 Performances:

Zina Bennett
George ?Gilly? Davenport
June Merlin
Marjorie Waddell
Bobby Bernard
Peter Warlock
Fritz Ola
Harry ?Mitch? Devano
Henk Vermeyden
John Ramsay
Sam Hughes
John Derris
Alex Elmsley
Arthur Brennan
Alice McClay
Tom Harris
Oscar Oswald
Edwin Hooper
Clifford Hough
Tom Howard
Gil Leaney
Haarkon Edeling
Geoffrey Gregson
Sid Emons

This DVD was created in collaboration with The Magic Circle and William H. McIlhany.

Running Time Approximately: 56mins

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