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Beach Bucket Lota

Beach Bucket Lota
by Morrisey Magic

It's a Lota Bowl that looks like a child's sand pail-what could be more innocent?

The Beach Bucket Lota can be sitting on the table or stage and, at anytime during your show, you can pick it up and pour out a large quantity of water. Then go on with the show and return to the Beach Bucket Lota a couple of minutes later and it is ready to pour out a second large load of water. Then a third and a fourth...who knows if it will ever be empty?

Producing a load of water between tricks is an excellent running gag!!

The Beach Bucket Lota is made to look very natural, but if you prefer and are the artistic type you can decorate it by either painting it or attaching self adhesive stickers. You can turn it into a child's sand pail and no one would be able to tell the difference until you start pouring water out of it that it is even a magic trick.

Comes complete with instructions for the basic routine as well as several unique ideas. You of course will add to this list when you start working with this great prop.

The Beach Bucket Lota is manufactured in heavy gauge aluminum, satin finished, lacquered and measures 7" tall and the mouth opening is 7 1/2" diameter.
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Price: $40.00 - $99.95
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