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Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtleties


Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtleties

by Jerry Mentzer


A Book of Basic Card Technique


This modern-day classic of card magic details the: Double Undercut, Biddle Move, Hamman Count, Olram Subtlety, Downs Change, Elmsley Count, Jordan Count, Buckle Count, Ascanio Spread and much more!


Clear photographs and easy to understand descriptions make this an invaluable reference book. Seventy-three pages.


1 Introduction: Larry West
2 Chapter 1: Undercuts & Reversals: 
3 Double Undercut: control to top or bottom
5 Braue Reversal: reverse one or more cards
9 Concealed Reversal: addition to Braue Reversal
13 Chapter 2: Counts, Move and Subtlety:
13 The Biddle Move (Elmer Biddle): remove one card from a group while counting
18 Hammon Count (Brother John Hammon): Switch one packet for another while counting
23 Veeser Count (Bob Veeser): variation of the Elmsley Count
25 Another Count: conceal bottom card of four
26 Flushtration Move (Brother John Hammon): apparently show all backs
29 Haback Count (Phil Goldstein): Show 5 as five, but some hidden 
31 Olram Subtlety (Ed Marlo): Show cards while hiding one
35 Downs Change (T. Nelson Downs): change of one card for another
38 True or False (Jack Chanin): false count
41 Chapter 3: Elmsley, Jordan, Etc.
41 The Elmsley Count (Alex Elmsley): Also known as the "Ghost Count". Counting 4 as 4
45 The Jordan Count (Charles T. Jordan): another 4 as 4 count
48 The Siva Count (Jack Avis): conceals center card of a 5 card packet
51 Open Count (John Murray): conceal 3rd card of 4
54 Smile Count (Larry West): conceals 3 card surfaces in packet of 4
55 Pairs Count (Larry West): variation of Smile Count
56 The Spirit Count (Gene Castillon): a "2 and 2" count for packet of 4
61 Chapter 4: Spreads
61 The Simple Spread: keeping a card concealed as packet is spread
63 The Back Spread: backs up
65 Buckle Count: using a buckling of the fingers
70 Ascanio Spread (Arturo de Ascanio): concealing a card in a fair looking spread


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