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One Degree


One Degree

by John Guastaferro and Vanishing Inc.


John Guastaferro embodies everything one admires in a magician: he is smooth but not flashy, soft-spoken yet in control. And he is an expert at crafting intelligent magic tricks. For the first time ever and exclusively with Vanishing Inc., John Guastaferro is releasing his first hardbound work-One Degree. With over 150 pages and 240 photos, this elegant, refined collection is comprised of 20 professional card routines and five essays. One Degree features some of the most artistic, refined close-up material to come around in ages. 

One Degree explores the small, intentional improvements you can make to elevate the impact of your magic and help you connect more intensely with your audience. Too often we are led to believe that great results require massive changes. John Guastaferro believes that the extraordinary is closer than we think...just one degree away. 


  • Foreward: John Bannon
  • Introduction: Jack Carpenter
  • About One Degree

Chapter 1 - Get Connected

  • Truth in Advertising — John takes his Optical Opener to new heights, where a blank deck magically prints. All can be examined.
  • Either Or — A fun Q&A session with your audience creates high impact and the opportunity for a devious setup.
  • Palm Reader Plus — Cards change in your participant's palm during a pseudo palm reading presentation.
  • ESSAY: Strong Connections

Chapter 2 - Hands On Experience

  • Intro-verted — Among 2009's top ten effects from MAGIC's "Talk About Tricks" column. Includes must-see variations: Extra-verted and Technicolor Intro-Verted.
  • Mr. E. Takes a Stroll — Strolling workers will love this practical approach to Jack Carpenter's Mysterious.
  • Relay — A fun and seemingly impossible revelation of three cards.
  • ESSAY: The Napkin Approach

Chapter 3 - Fourscore

  • Quantum Kings — A devious card to box opener.
  • Impostor — A dazzling four-card change sequence.
  • Solo — John's approach to Open Travelers where the cards never come in contact with the deck.
  • ESSAY: Mental Block Page

Chapter 4 - Pocket Power

  • Homage to Homing — A powerful, three-phase card to pocket routine.
  • Pocket Change — A four-card pocket transposition with a surprising twist.
  • Key Club — A quick mental effect you carry with you on your keychain. The perfect way to begin an impromptu set.
  • ESSAY: Magic T.I.P.S.

Chapter 5 - Worker's Toolbox

  • Overturned Counts — New approaches to the Elmsley and Stanyon Counts where the fronts and backs are shown.
  • Biddleless — A great take on The Biddle Trick — that replaces the Biddle Count with a lean and razor-sharp handling.
  • Duplex Change — John's deceptive two-card change, featuring three different applications.
  • ESSAY: Serendipity

Chapter 6 - Tri-Umph!

  • Behind-the-Back Triumph — A simple and powerful Triumph routine, where your participant unmixes the cards in the fairest of ways.
  • Ballet Stunner — John's version of Paul Harris' Color Stunner, featuring a visual change and unexpected kicker.
  • More on the Ballet Cut

Chapter 7 - Perfect Storm

  • Lost & Found — A signed card vanishes and reappears inside a clear plastic luggage tag.
  • Intuition & Out of the Blue — An two-phase packet effect that has been hailed by magicians world wide.
  • Vino Aces — A true presentation piece using four wine glasses for a classic Ace Assembly.


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