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King's Crossing


The routine possibilities for “Kings Crossing” are limitless. This is a no-nonsense and literally self-working version of the classic effect, and allows you to concentrate on your presentation while fooling the pants off of your audience!


The Effect: 
Here is the basic routine that you can do with Kings Crossing.


Show a stack of 20 Jumbo cards, and explain how you are going to simply transfer a “bit of love” in your show. Bring a couple of star-crossed lovers—or in a pinch, a married couple onto the stage.


Very fairly, deliberately, and separately, count out the 20 jumbo cards onto the table—there are no false counts or sleights. 


Spread the top 10 cards in a fan, and show everyone including the volunteers that they are all King of Spades. Everyone can clearly see 10 separate King of Spades. Close up the spread and give them to the man to hold safely in his hands, against his heart—all in the name of love! 


Now, spread the other 10 cards in a fan, and show them all to be Ace of Diamonds. Again the volunteers and audience can clearly see 10 separate Ace of Diamonds. 
Close up this spread and give them to the woman, who also holds them in her hands, against her heart. 


From this point on, you do not touch the cards again!


After a series of funny bits, you declare that you have now transferred 3 cards from the man’s pile to the woman’s. 


To prove this, the man himself now counts the cards one at a time onto the table. There are only 7 cards! 


The woman is now invited to count her cards onto the table, and incredibly there are 13! 


As a stunning kicker, she herself picks up the 13 cards and spreads through them, showing them to the audience. Incredibly everyone will see that there are now 3 King of Spades mixed into her spread—they are interspersed between the 10 Aces of Diamonds! 


An amazing and baffling magical transposition with a fun and interactive presentation has just taken place!


Important points to remember: 
* After the cards are introduced and counted out, the performer does not touch them again!
* At the end of the trick, the 3 Kings are actually interspersed separately within the spread of Aces.
* No false counts or sleight-of-hand; completely self-contained.
* Tons of opportunity for audience participation, ad-libs, and even some risqué scripting!
* Perfect for stage and parlor, but you can actually do Kings Crossing close-up as well!
* Comes complete with 20 custom jumbo-sized cards, instructional DVD, and multiple bonus ideas and routines.


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