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From the professional arsenal of Julien Labigne, Gambler, has proved to be one of the highlights of been Julien's show, 4 secrets. Now you can also perform this miracle!

You introduce a box containing several gambling devices like a die, 2 chips and a deck of 52 playing cards.

First, the spectator has to make a choice between the 2 chips. One he gives you, one he keeps for himself.

Then, the spectator chooses a number on the die, ANY number. The die is perfectly genuine, and the spectator gets a free choice of the number he wants.

Finally, you show all the cards and put them one by one face down on the table. The spectator stops you whenever he wants.

One choice out of 2, One choice out of 6, One choice out of 52.

That makes 624 possibilities to get the right combination. You reveal your prediction, which perfectly matches with all the decisions made by the spectator!

What you get in the box

  • DVD : demo and explanation (french and english).
  • All props needed: a die, 2 chips, and a real one dollar bill printed.
  • A special deck of card specially designed for the routine (bicycle).

All the props are delivered in beautiful packaging.

Strong points

  • Easy to do
  • Great impact
  • No complicated gimmick, just a great principle that allows you to create a strong peace of mentalism, anytime anywhere!


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