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With this DVD you will receive this handmade crazy cool gimmick (with protective case) and the directions for how to alter it to fit the routine you like best from Dan and Blake’s repertoire or your own. These routines are tried and tested in their everyday lives and get great reactions from real people when performed. There are three different routines taught using the Wave card.

“Scribble”: In a visual experiment, the magician scribbles lines on the back of a playing card and then proceeds to reveal the spectator’s chosen card by WAVING his hand over the scribbles causing words to slowly form out of the scribbles.

“Dot Matrix”: Four dots are drawn on the back of the spectator’s signed selection and then with the WAVE of his hand, the magician causes all four dots to relocate to one corner.

“Sticker”: The Bicycle seal from the box is ripped into four pieces and placed into the four corners of the spectator’s signed selection. Then with a WAVE of the hand, the sticker restores and relocates piece by piece, WAVE by WAVE, until it is fully restored on their card.

The psychology behind the gimmick is explained in great detail in an effort to spark creativity. Dan and Blake explain all the motivations behind the gimmick and why it works so that you can use this information to create routines and versions that fit your own personality and style.

As a bonus, another effect is taught called: Window Pain. This uses the same psychology as the WAVE gimmick but in a simplified way. This handling was derived from Dan Hauss’s original principal and gets KILLER reactions.

“Window Pain”: A spectator’s signed selection is ripped into four pieces and placed into their hands. The magician visually causes their pieces to jump to his hand. As they appear, the pieces restore themselves until there is one piece remaining in the spectator's hand. This final piece exactly matches the restored card and is a great souvenir.

You will have so much fun performing these routines and accepting the crazy reactions that accompany it all with the WAVE of your hand.

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Price: $35.00
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