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Mask of Sanity


Mask of Sanity explores the idea that common to many so-called 'psychic abilities' is the presence of an REM state. This is illustrated with a 'psychometry' demonstration.

The performers back is turned while each participant freely selects a serial killer character. They then choose a weapon. These are placed into envelopes, then the three are sealed and mixed.

The performer proceeds to pick up any envelope and without opening or examining it, identifies which weapon and killer is inside as well as who it belongs to. This is repeated with a second participant. The final participant is placed into an REM state and encouraged to identify with the killer they have chosen and mentally return to the scene of their last crime. They describe several details concerning the killer's appearance and lifestyle.

The are brought back into their own mind. They remove an envelope from their pocket that was given to them before the effect began. A single newspaper article is removed. Over 30 years old, it concerns a psychic detective who provided police with details from a vision she had about a serial killer. The name of the serial killer, the weapon and the personal details gleaned by the participant match.

The Mask of Sanity box set includes:

Performance Booklet: containing the full script used by Anthony Jacquin when performing Mask of Sanity. This includes details on introducing the premise, audience selection and enduction.

Method Booklet: the method is extremely simple. However, in here you will find all details on every aspect of the routine that make it solid, reliable and sure fire.

Stage Cards: A6 Cards, clear enough to be seen by an audience, brilliant design and attention to detail.

Close-up cards: Wallet sized version of the effect for close up.

All other props required are included

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