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Joe Porper's new AmaZeRING will revolutionize the Himber ring routine. The ease of use with AmaZeRing is astounding; the gimmick opens and closes automatically without an fumbling or looking.

It's a great new tool for the worker. Three rings are borrowed from the audience and are linked together in a chain. One ring is unlinked and returned, the other two are displayed on a mechanical pencil with one hanging below. On the magician's command, without touching the rings or going near them with his hands, one ring visibly unlinks from the other and drops into his waiting, cupped hand below!

It can also be used in a ring on/off stick or cord, and other effects, only limited by your imagination.


The first, and simplest routine we call the "Ghost Link and Unlink." This was created originally by Earl Nelson with the full-size linking rings, but is easily adapted with the AmaZeRING.

The cleanup/switch routine is easy to do and it is based on Dai Vernon's display of balls in the beginning of his cups & balls routine.

Comes with gimmicked ring and ungimmicked ring with photo-illustrated instructions and DVD with performance by Dean Dill and Joe Porper himself


Please Note: This DVD is for use on a computer DVD Drive ONLY! Comes with a wooden carrying case and a duplicate ring.


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