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The Linking Finger Ring Project by David Regal


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"After a prolonged development process, I am delighted to release what I believe to be one of the most elegant sets of props for the Linking Finger Ring effect ever offered to the magic fraternity. The quality is excellent." - David Regal

"Don't even bother with any other rings on the market---these are the very best. As a student, fan and 30 plus year performer of the Linking Finger Ring effect, I can tell you that these are the rings I have been waiting for." - Nick Lewin

The Linking Finger Ring Effect, created by Persi Diaconis and Richard Himber, is one of the greatest magic effects ever devised. It captures the imagination of an audience and absolutely slays them.

The set includes:

  • David's version of the Himber Ring, designed from the ground up, that possesses a unique set of characteristics.

  • A duplicate gimmicked ring that is made in the traditional click-lock manner, for those who prefer this system.

  • A duplicate, un-gimmicked ring.

  • A detailed DVD of instructions, including a Magic Castle performance.

  • A set of precision made gimmicks with which to perform the astounding Koran ending of the effect.

  • A pencil.

So, this is not a single gimmick, but a set of custom-made utility gimmicks that give you all you need to perform a modern classic of magic: The Linking Finger Ring effect.

All is housed in a lovely jewelry box.


Please note: These sets were produced in limited quantity and once sold out they will not be available again.

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