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The the perfect kicker to Gosh's 3-D Rabbits!

Price: $5.00
The classic multiplying rabbit routine.
Price: $15.00

A startling, never-before-seen visual illusion.

Price: $64.00
A Great Comedy Effect
Price: $60.00

A classic rope effect that will startle your audience with an unexpected visual surprise!

Price: $7.80

From a small lunch bag and out pops what appears to be an eight foot solid oak pole!

Price: $45.00

 At any time in your act you can now produce an 8 ft Ladder!

Price: $520.00
Creates the sounds of snapping bones by a simple spin of the wheel.
Price: $12.50
As a special way of thanking your volunteer assistant, you display a magic wand which unrolls into a personalized certificate!
Price: $7.50
10 LIGHTS! Then Blown out for the Closer!
Price: $34.95
The magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in his pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase.
Price: $5.00
Close-Up or Surrounded Mechanical Masterpiece!
Price: $59.95
A great new tool for both family entertainers and mentalists.
Price: $20.00
Balloon sculpture is a fun, easy and fascinating pastime.
Price: $14.95

Double action hand pump.

Price: $8.95

Balloon sculpture is a fun and fascinating pastime. And best of all, it is easy to do! 

Price: $12.00

The newest and most exciting balloon sculptures.

Price: $22.00

100 Per Bag.

Price: $11.95
When the magicain opens his hand the ball changes into a large (7 inches tall) sponge rabbit!
Price: $12.50

25 Astounding Tricks for Young Magicians!

Price: $19.95
Happy Birthday!
Price: $24.00 - $54.00
A PERFECT Ending to a Perfect Show!
Price: $180.00

An enchanting storytelling piece that is the perfect addition for your childrens show.

Price: $121.00

B'loon allows you to burst a balloon using psychic energy - and you"re nowhere near it!

Price: $80.00
These incredible little spheres of magic will amaze any audience, young or old.
Price: $13.75
A dynamic and surprising production of a real bowling ball, straight from Kevin's professional stage show!
Price: $750.00
Drive the Kids Crazy!
Price: $12.50
Hand them your magic wand and it breaks apart in their hands!
Price: $10.00
Change one item into another - with no skill!
Price: $4.00

Made For Producing a Live Dwarf Rabbit!

Price: $158.00

The essential Comedy Card Trick for the professional Birthday Party Entertainer!

Price: $33.50

A gradual and miraculous restoration! Visual restoration of a cut-up playing card!

Price: $38.00
The sequel to one of the top-selling card tricks ever...
Price: $15.00

This is a new slant on the classic sucker effect!

Price: $190.00

The hilarity of the classic, modern "Die Box" in a compact, easy-for-travel size!

Price: $115.00
Use ANYONE up to 170 pounds!
Price: $749.95
A classic of magic.
Price: $7.95
This is a childrens effect on the popular Hippity Hop Rabbits theme.
Price: $55.00
A C T I O N Magic!
Price: $250.00
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