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See why Andrew's ensures his clients keep coming back for more.
Price: $43.00
Marc Spelmann has held nothing back in this limited edition booklet.
Price: $25.00

Germany's premier up-and-coming Mentalist Chester Sass has done it at last.  

Price: $49.95
From the creative mind of Tom Lauten comes "357"
Price: $30.00
The Memory Routine of Luke Jermay
Price: $20.00

Make no mistake, this book has the perfect title - A Lifetime of Magic is a life's work composed by one of magic's most innovative thinkers and equally brilliant performers.

Price: $150.00

A collection of mentalism routines developed over a decade by Michael Murray

Price: $99.95

Anytime Anyplace Anybook

Price: $40.00
An amazing utility prop which enables the performer to force any number.
Price: $75.00
If you are seeking magical perfection then all I can say that this is it
Price: $40.00

From the creator of the bestselling effect iDeck comes another off the wall commercial big hitter!

Price: Was: $69.00
Now: $56.00

Aleph Wallet is the perfect tool for the working professional magician. This multi-purpose wallet will allow you to perform plenty of Stage, Parlor and Close-Up audience tested miracles. With Aleph wallet you'll always have an arsenal of powerful magic in pockets.

Price: $160.00
An incredible display of psychic prowess.
Price: $29.95

A great mentalism effect with no difficult moves and is easy to perform.

Price: $10.00

Animania is another great tool for the mentalist!

Price: $21.00

This exciting new DVD series explores the work of Annemann and his Jinx contributors in a scholarly way, analyzing not only the presentation of some of the strongest mentalism ever created but also the thinking behind the effects.

Price: $30.00

On volumes 4, 5 and 6, Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti return to the same school and do it again, but with many amplified versions of other Practical Mental Effects material. For most of these routines, Richard changed the workings and methods slightly (or sometimes very significantly) to make the effects more direct and streamlined. You will love his thinking!

Price: $30.00

Dave Powell's new and improved Antique Haunted Timber brings psychokinetic telepathy to another level. Through just the power of concentration the mentalist is able to move a solid piece of timber and make it fall over at his command.


Price: $79.95

If you like art, do not miss this effect!

Price: $30.00

This special pen will allow you to perform the "ashes on arm" effect not only with great ease, but almost impromptu.

Price: $15.00
ASTOR EPIC actually is the newest improved version of the Mental Epic.
Price: $299.00
The quality of this prop is truly awesome, and its method devilishly clever!
Price: $225.00

Seemingly determine a spectator's exact PIN number

Price: $29.95

Great Laughs!

Price: $8.95
An astonishing collection of useable effects and the diabolical methods that have made Docc Hilford infamous.
Price: $35.00

 Mark Elsdon's super-strong version of Max Maven's seminal plot!

Price: $19.95

Three brand new effects using the 100th Monkey principle!

Price: $80.00
A great new tool for both family entertainers and mentalists.
Price: $20.00

An impossible prediction that will blow you away!

Price: $35.00
An all new production to exceed the expectations of mentalists and magicians everywhere!
Price: $119.95

Bob Cassidy, who's act has been described as one of the most perfect in mentalism, has created a brand new, complete act he'll reveal to you within"The Act: Beyond Fundamentals" 

Price: $47.00

The ultimate demonstration of psychokinesis.

Price: $70.00

A billet knife that instantly loads a sealed envelope with a prediction.

Price: $199.95

An examined dinner knife is signed by the spectator along the handle. They hold onto the handle and can clearly see that the knife is straight. All you do is massage the blade softly causing it to bend at a 45 degree angle.

Price: $130.00
You will be performing this almost as soon as you open the package!
Price: $39.00

First Shipment has Sold Out! Order Now to be in on the next Shipment!

BirthRight goes beyond Zodiac Divination and allows you to know the most important day of your participant's life ... their birthday!

Price: $32.00
A crash course in mentalism techniques.
Price: $29.95
Take Black Moon anywhere and you"ll be able to prove you are a living Master of the Mind!
Price: $45.00
This is a Black Moon refill package.
Price: $15.00
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