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No matter how hard they try, the ball is never where they think it is.
Price: $198.00

The Cocktail Bar Cup takes the classic chop cup to a whole new level.

Price: $150.00

Paul Daniels reveals the act that made him a star!

Price: $150.00

A signed bill and a regular cup are used to perform the most stunning 7 phase Chop Cup style routine you will ever see.

Price: $35.00

From Leo Smetsers, comes these finely crafted leather Chop Cup balls.

Price: $25.00

From Leo Smetsers, comes these finely crafted leather Chop Cup balls.

Price: $25.00
Meet some masters of the Chop Cup, each with their own spin on the trick.
Price: $19.95
George Murray has figured out how to deceptively gaff a Japanese style ceramic tea cup as a chop cup.
Price: $50.00

Make the Ball disappear and return to the cup, then it changes to an orange!

Price: $27.00 - $54.00

The perfect cups for this classic effect.

Price: $53.00 - $132.00
Four performers reveal their secret routines and explain as well!
Price: $29.95

Cork balls covered in top quality wool.

Price: $12.00 - $19.95

It's a Chop Cup, but not as we know it!

Price: $75.00
There are countless wonderful routines with cups and balls.
Price: $49.95

The oldest and most classic effect!

Price: $44.00 - $124.00
The balls then penetrate the bottom of each cup, time and time again.
Price: $6.50

Leo Smetsers brings us a worker's dream in Chop Cups, allowing great ease in packing and traveling with your cup!

Price: $149.95

Leo Smetsers has turned the woe of pocket management with a Chop Cup directly on its ear!

Price: $29.95
Gazzo demonstrates and teaches his famous Street Cups routine.
Price: $49.95

New in from prolific creator Leo Smetsers comes his beautiful take on the 3 Shell Game!

Price: $166.00

Following the publication of his highly acclaimed book Avant-Cards, Tom Gagnon shares some of his most cherished secrets in his newest release TOO HOT for the DEVIL!

Price: $60.00

Resurrect an ancient routine...

Price: $29.95
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